Tommy Two-Toes


Teaches the Jungle About Being Vegeterian

Why a vegetarian Children's Book?

According to our research, there are less than ten popular children's books about Vegetarianism, for the 16 million people in the U.S. alone, many of whom are families with children. 
Tommy Two-Toes is fun and unique in that it doesn't scare kids, or guilt them into feeling bad (unlike other books) and also uniquely addresses the emotional/spiritual and moral reasons why many people don't eat meat. This is a difficult theory to explain to children. However, the book explains this concept easily using the animal's interactions and scenarios, along with their silly responses

- Vision for Tommy Two Toes and other Eco-Conscious Children’s Books

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Did you know that 16 million people in the US are vegan or vegetarian? or that meat consumption has dropped by 12.2% since 2007?

Benefits of A Vegan, Vegetarian, or Plant-Based (Whole Foods, Organic And Preferably Local Diet):

Your health: Highly processed and refined foods can cause inflammation in your body. Animal products tend to be acidic in nature, also being a cause inflammation. Eating a plant-based diet with plenty of organic vegetables and fruits can provide your body with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are easily digestible, keeping you healthy and energized.

The Environment: The planet is your home – our home – you (and all the rest of us) have to take care of it. Reducing your animal product intake can reduce your carbon footprint. If you choose to eat local, it is the best way to reduce it even more.

The Economy: If you shop local, organic and seasonal, you can take the control back and prevent corporations from dictating your life and you will be supporting local farmers and businesses.
Compassion: Believe it or not, but as you start eating plant-based, your compassion can increase. You can naturally start caring more about animals, nature and other people around you.

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Saunders, Kerrie K. The Vegan Diet as Chronic Disease Prevention. New York, NY: Lantern Books, 2003.
Publishers and Partners:

We have found a wonderful company with our ideals called Green Bamboo Publishing, and after lots of hard work we have finally published Tommy Two Toes! More fun eco-conscious books on the way to come. 

Other Partners:
Some children's books are now purposely being written for partnerships with other companies to cross promote both the book and their product. There are many different ways these partnerships could work and it is becoming and increasingly popular way to use product placement In a symbiotic manner.  We believe our book is a great candidate for this sort of partnership. Some examples are when the book can  be used for product's promotional campaigns, social media exchange, imprinting with the companies logos and product information embedded and either sold or given away as promotional items.