Tommy Two-Toes


Teaches the Jungle About Being Vegeterian

Recorded and performed by: Trevor Watson

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​It is our hope that will enjoy our newly released book! Please view more information about the Authors, listen to Tommy and Panda's song, and see a little of our market research and vision for an eco-conscious children's book. Tommy Two-Toes has a positive message and teaches the principles of vegetarianism, and other healthy lifestyle choices. We hope you will enjoy our vision and are as excited as we are about helping our children grow up to live healthier lives and help the environment! Please get in touch with us about any questions you may have and visit our publisher Green Bamboo Publishing to buy the book today at
Dayton and Darci Mason 

About Vegeterianism
Did you know that 16 million people in the US are Vegan or Vegetarian?
Or that meat consumption has dropped by 12.2% since 2007.
Benefits of A Vegan, Vegetarian, or Plant-Based (Whole Foods, Organic And Preferably Local Diet):

Your health: Highly processed and refined foods can cause inflammation in your body. Animal products tend to be acidic and can cause inflammation. Eating a plant-based diet with plenty of organic vegetables and fruits will provide your body with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are easily digestible, keeping you healthy and energized.

The Environment: The planet is your home – our home – you (and all the rest of us) have to take care of it. Reducing your animal product intake will reduce your carbon footprint. If you choose to eat local, it will reduce your carbon footprint even more.

The Economy: If you shop local, organic and seasonal, you can take the control back and prevent corporations from dictating your life, and you will be supporting local farmers and businesses.

Compassion: Believe it or not, but as you start eating plant-based, your compassion can increase. You will naturally start caring more about animals, nature, and the world around you.

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Saunders, Kerrie K. The Vegan Diet as Chronic Disease Prevention. New York, NY: Lantern Books, 2003.
Fun book Facts!

The book has a sing-a-long song that readers can download off the website. The song lyrics and guitar chords are on the last page of the book so that teachers and parents that play guitar can sing together!

The book also teaches kids about the days of the week, and has reminders for kids to eat their greens!

The book teaches kids about animal habitats, accurate animal physiology, and displays vegetarian morality views, in a non-judgemental or harsh way.

The book purposely anthropomorphizes
animal behaviors to relate emotional content easily to the children, while not making the characters seem overly humanistic.

The book shows the rarely discussed aspect of the spiritual/philosophical aspect of vegetarian ideals in a way that relates easily to children the "you are what you eat" paradigm, where negativity is transferred from sentient beings that experience emotions into the body of those who consume them.

The book also indirectly implies and supports vegan ideals. However, no dairy situations and presented in the book, because it is not a natural part of the animals diets.

Partnerships with Products
We are also exploring the possibility of partnering with vegan/vegeterian food product companies to promote good health and Eco-friendly lifestyle choices.
Some children's books are now being purposely written for partnerships with other companies to cross-promote both the book and their product. There are many different ways these partnerships could work, and it is becoming an increasingly popular way to use product placement in a mutually beneficial manner. We believe our book is a great candidate for this sort of partnership.